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Vacuum Casting of Plastic Parts

One of the most important areas of rapid prototyping/rapid manufacturing at SPEEDPART is vacuum casting. It permits quick and economical reproduction of plastic parts using polyurethane casting resins and silicones.

As a basis we use the models printed based on your 3D CAD data using stereolithography (SLA) or 3D printing (PolyJet). With these master models we create silicone molds, in which the parts are cast in a wide variety of PU casting resins or even in silicone.
It is also possible to cast around inserts and to produce multi-component parts. We can make parts with an edge length of up to 1700 mm in one piece!

Thanks to a wide selection of casting resins, close-to-production pre-series and small series of coloured, highly transparent, high-strength or high temperature resistant (up to 200° C) PU cast parts can be produced.
By means of a professional finish from our specialists your rapid prototyping master models obtain surfaces like those of injection molding parts. Consequently, PU cast parts are eminently suitable for surface refinements such as painting, coating or covering with a reflective surface.

Weather 3D printing or small series - SPEEDPART is your partner.

Jürgen Dosch

Sales & Project Management
Certified Technical Business Administrator (IHK)

E-Mail: juergen.dosch@speedpart.de
Telefon:+49 (0) 93 42 / 91 87-19

Uwe Hagedorn

Quotation processing, calculation,
Metalworking foreman

E-Mail: uwe.hagedorn@speedpart.de
Telefon:+49 (0) 93 42 / 91 87-28

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