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Rapid Tooling & Manufacturing

Rapid Tooling & Manufacturing
In order to produce prototypes or small series from original plastics and elastomers, as part of our mold making we create prototype - and small-series injection molding tools made of aluminum and tool steel. We also build multi-component injection tools.

Speedpart offers you full service rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing!

Your 3D part data designed with e.g. Catia, ProE or NX is the basis for the dimensioning and design of the injection molding tools. We create filling and warping analyses, optimise the part for injection molding purposes if required, and create the 3D tool design.
Draughts and conformal tempering channels are integrated, adjustments are made and the cavities, slides and loose members are derived.

Depending on the geometry and requirements, we produce the tool inserts

  • in aluminium for tools or in tool steel on our 3- and 5-axis CNC machines using a Meusburger clamping system
  • or, using the DMLS metal laser sintering process, in tool steel 1,2709

Undercuts, e.g. in elastomer parts, or conformal cooling channels are directly 3D-printed!

The finishing of the tool inserts and the mounting on our standardised master mold system is undertaken by our experienced tool makers.

We realise the tool sample creation along with the initial sample test report and the production of your injection molding parts on modern injection machines from Battenfeld. We produce parts up to an injection weight of 1000 g in-house.

Injection molding around inserts and metal inserts is another service we can provide.

To reduce cycle times and enhance the quality of your injection moulding parts we use, in generatively produced tool inserts, conformal, variothermal tempering of the molds!

Whether you require 3D printed PolyJet molds for a few parts, tools made of aluminium or steel with loose members or slides, injection molds for elastomer parts, 2K injection molds or the use of hot runner technology. You benefit from our expertise and our many years of experience from the creation of more than 2000 molds.

From the CAD data set and the CNC production or the metal laser sintering of the rapid tools, the sampling along with the initial sample test report to the production of your injection molding parts by Speedpart.

Jürgen Dosch
Sales & Project Management
Certified Technical Business Administrator (IHK)
Uwe Hagedorn
Quotation processing, calculation,
Metalworking foreman

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Rapid Tooling & Manufacturing


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