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The Login failed.
1. Please try again. Maybe you made a typing error.
2. Please mind small and capital letters.

The file upload failed.
1. Possibly your file contains special characters or umlauts. Rename your file.
2. File size above 15MB.

File transmission interrupted. Error message.
1. Internet connection temporarily disrupted
2. Your firewall blocks the upload.
3. You are not using stl-files.

The price is not displayed even after a long waiting time.
1. You are not using stl-files.
2. Possibly you have loaded too many parts.
3. In total the files are above 15MB.

How do I adjust the quantity in multi-components polyjet?
1. Upload the files.
2. Assign materials for respective components and calculate one unit.
3. Add the calculated component to your shopping basket.
4. Now you can change the quantity and recalculate.

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