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Welcome at Speedpart - 3D print service and rapid prototyping

Guaranteeing for fast and top-quality 3D printing, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing, Speedpart has been your competent partner for 25 years.

We deploy most various rapid-technologies to realize your product concepts from 3D data to design- and functional models, pilot and small batch series all the way to near-series and series-identical injection-molded parts. The use of latest 3D printing technologies and rapid prototyping systems allows us to guarantee for shortest lead times.

Our partners in the automotive, medical, aerospace and space sector, in home technology, electrical and toy industry and numerous other sectors appreciate our comprehensive rapid prototyping-services in the processing of metals and plastics.
The completeness and consistency of our opportunities helps to shorten your development time and optimize your results.

Make use of our know-how - we are at your sevice!

3D printing technologies

As a specialized 3D printing provider, we offer all relevant 3D printing technologies: ColorJet Printing (CJP), Single- and Multi-component 3D Printing (PolyJet PJP), Selective laser sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). With ColorJet Printing it is possible to print full-color parts in one step. PolyJet Printing can produce multi-component in one printing process without joining or adhesive bonding. Our most cost-effective and productive printing technology is SLS, in which plastic powder is melted by application of temperature and lasers. SLA is our most versatile process for 3D printing. Using the FDM printer "Statasys Mojo" we print in eight different colors. The FDM parts allow you to review the form and functioning of your design.
Metal Laser Sintering is the fastest way from CAD to an injection mold or to metal 3D prints.
The prototypes, parts, small-patches or tools are short delivery times without restrictions or intermediate steps.

We also offer a special service: our online service "SPEED Prototyping 2.4 Online Shop". You get information about delivery times and prices directly and after ordering your parts we be produced immediately. This offers a quick and easy way to calculate the price of your 3D prototype. You can also use our online service for vacuum casting.

More technologies and services for Rapid Prototyping

For your prototype production we offer additional technologies: vacuum casting, CNC-machining, Rapid Tooling and Manufacturing as well as 3D Measuring & 3D Scanning. An important area of rapid prototyping is vacuum casting. Vacuum casting offers a cost-effective reproduction of plastic parts using polyurethane casting resin or silicones.

Take advantage of our different 3D printing technologies and prototyping services - we help you already during the planning phase with sample models or small- and pre-series. SPEEDPART supports you to identify and fix weaknesses or errors, before it can incur high costs during normal production.

Today, we employ more than 35 people to assist you. Specialists, master craftsmen, technicians and engineers are working in their capacity as qualified professionals to realize your projects. Every year we print 25,000 3D prototypes for our customers. In our rapid tooling department, we produce 150 tools with 200,000 injection-molded parts. Whether you require 3D printing or small series production - SPEEDPART is your partner.

SPEEDPART - Rapid Prototyping - Rapid Tooling & Manufacturing - 3D Measuring & 3D Scanning

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