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Single- and Multi-component 3D Printing (PJP)

High-quality single- and multi-component parts in 3D printing technology PolyJet - in one build step, without subsequent gluing or mating!

The PolyJet technology works in a similar way to an inkjet printer, except that the nozzles in the print head apply liquid photopolymer resin in layers. A UV-lamp integrated into the print head instantly cures the rapid prototyping model being created, meaning that unnecessary time for post-curing is done away with. Consequently, very short delivery deadlines are possible!

PolyJet models are used for design reviews, as presentation parts and functional parts, as master models for vacuum casting and metal casting and in electrical-, medical- and automotive engineering. They are also employed in the jewellery, toy and consumer goods industries and in numerous other fields.

On our Connex 500 by Stratasys we can produce rapid prototyping models for you with one-piece dimensions of up to 500 x 400 x 200 mm!
Overview of the benefits of the PolyJet process
  • single- and multi-component parts, e.g. 2K hard/soft parts, no sticking, no mating!
  • precise, high quality 3D printed parts
  • wide range of materials:
    PC-, ABS-, PP-like materials, translucent, transparent, various colours. "Digital Materials". Soft, rubber-like materials, from 27° to 95° Shore A.
  • high level of detail thanks to high-resolution production
  • layer thicknesses 0.016 mm to 0.03 mm, resolution 600 dpi in x/y direction
  • almost no manual finishing required for sample parts and master models.
  • large build volume 500 x 400 x 200 mm, wall thickness up to 0.6 mm
  • delivery deadlines from 2 working days = reduction of the development time

Our Connex 500 is available for your 3D prints using the PolyJet single- or multi-component process.

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